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The SmarterScience adventure began in Amsterdam on 1 October 1997, when the business was first registered. At the end of 2004, it relocated to the United Kingdom.

The website used to be at and was huge (hundreds of pages, with several links from Wikipedia), but the digital landscape has changed greatly since then, and this business and its owner have evolved too.

Clients find the business mostly by word of mouth, having been given the contact details by someone else. Alternatively, they purchase its knowledge products where they encounter them on the web.

Yes, "We need to talk about this", about the new eugenics and related issues, that's also by SmarterScience.  book cover we need to talk about thisl

SmarterScience is currently located in Portsmouth (England), but its premises are not open to the public. Its VAT registration number is GB 860 7699 81.