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SmarterScience was established in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, initially under the name Armadillo Research Services. (Registered with the KvK on 1 October 1997, under registration number 33296317.)

At the end of 2004, the business relocated to the United Kingdom.

SmarterScience offers research, support and analysis. Its international clients usually find the business through word of mouth.

If you wish, you can contact SmarterScience by e-mail to info.

Click here for a non-exhaustive list of organizations that SmarterScience has worked with.

The website of SmarterScience used to be at smarterscience.com. It had over 200 science-oriented pages and several links from Wikipedia (such as concerning the element europium and the use of lanthanide complexes in bank notes).

SmarterScience is currently located in Portsmouth (England, UK). Its premises are not open to the public.

Its VAT registration number is GB 860 7699 81.

The background image on this site is based on the sails of the Elsie, a wonderful 57' Herreshoff Tioga ketch, made with lots of love and expertise at Covey Island Boatworks.